... is in 2 days. 2 VERY long days. 2 incredibly drawn-out forever and a day long days. Just thought you'd like to know.

Oh, and shout out to my dear friend LAUREN! She got her mission call yesterday to... [click here to visit her blog to find out!]


List of 10 Things

1.  Twister may or may not be the best game ever invented.  Curses is right up there with it.  (I may have a bias due to the company that was present when the previous games were played).  :)

2.  I walked into the Fletcher Building today to deliver a package and the candy jars of all candy jars sat right in front of me just daring me to take one of the most delicious one of these.  Mmm Mmm Good!  I do believe it was a neapolitan one that I snatched.

3.  Sunday was a good day.  In fact, I think I need more days like Sunday.  Laid-back, non-stressful, and spent in good company.  Yep.  Definitely need more of those ones.

4.  In addition to Sunday, I wore a completely pink shirt that evening.  And you know what?  I didn't mind.  I can't seem to think if that is necessarily a step in the right direction or a step backwards into the realm of girly girls.  You decide.

5.  Something even better on Sunday?  I laid in a hammock and watched the sun set over Fruit Heights, Utah with a wonderful person.  One word.  Heaven.

6.  My tomato skin is finally peeling to reveal a more golden skin tone... although I'm forever doomed to live with freckled "angel kisses" for the rest of my life.

7.  6 hours of studying + Procrastinating until the last minute to take the test = 95%.  Not too shabby.

8.  I ate lunch outside.  And I took off my jacket.  Then my shoes.  And then... I talked with a good friend while soaking up some Vitamin D and eating deliciously orange carrots.

9. In just 2 weeks my ridiculous ESL classes will be over for the year.  Finished!  Finito!  Done!  I don't have the words to describe how happy I am right now.  Because I am very happy.  Very.

10.  I went tie shopping with a pre-missionary friend.  And it was wonderful.  Tie shopping is one of my most favorite past times.  In fact, if I were a boy, I would have a closet just for my ties.  Yes, my name is Jamie.  I am a tie addict.



Dear Myron,

It's springtime now. I haven't visited you for a while. Does that make you sad? I'll bring flowers next time, maybe daisies? Or maybe some lilac flowers before summer comes and wilts their beauty? Your headstone could probably use some spring cleaning right now, it looked a little weathered the last time I dropped by. I wonder where your family has been, they never visit. Don't worry though, a little weathering never hurt anyone. It adds character. I'll be there soon to make you looking shipshape!

Your birthday is coming up. You'll be 59 this year! I'd throw you a party, but truth is, I'm sure the parties where you're at now are beyond what I could ever manage down here. But hey, I'll bring a few party favors and maybe even some of the usual strawberry lemonade (it's much too hot for cocoa).

I've missed our talks. You're such a good listener. Always listening, never talking. In fact, I don't know a lot about you. If you had lived, I picture you as a high school heart throb with curly black hair and a the biggest whitest straightest teeth known to man. And blue eyes. Deep blue eyes. You're old enough to have grandchildren now. I'm sure they would adore the distinguishing salt and pepper hair that age would have brought to you. You'd be the perfect grandfather-a lot like mine. Hugs. Kisses. And don't forget teasing. You'd be the sweetest, biggest tease.

Life has been good lately. Busy though. There's someone I'd like you to meet sometime. He's pretty special and I hope you like him. I'm sure you will. He'll update you on all of the newest car models, latest sports stats, and all of the new movies worth seeing. Maybe you can have some manly bonding time instead of having to talk about a little girls problems.

I'll come soon. It's finally warm and light enough in the evenings so I can run over and see you sometime. See you soon.


This post is dedicated to Myron Dale Black. I thought I would introduce him to you. I met him one day when I was out running by the Provo cemetary and decided to stop and look at some of the gravestones. Look at the date when Myron was born. I'm sure he had to have been very special to only live on this earth for 2 brief days. So if you ever need someone to talk to... Myron is usually always available to talk with. No appointment needed.



Miss (miss)
1.To be without.
2. To discover the absence or loss of.
3. To feel the lack or loss of.
I miss certain people
I miss easy trapeezy homework
I miss being outside
I miss having time to read books I want to read
I miss wearing beanies
I miss painting
I miss basketball season
I miss cleanflicks
I miss straight A report cards
I miss 8 hours of sleep
I miss sleeping in
I miss spring breaks
I miss my old running shoes
I miss THE missionaries
I miss tackle football
I miss Fairview
I miss the Drive-In Movies
I miss old Saturday morning cartoons
I miss you


Let's Go Fly A Kite

3 words. Wind. Kite. Spiderman. Put them together and what do you get? The perfect weather to fly a Spiderman kite! That's right, we made Spiderman fly for all he was worth and then some. Spiderman was a trooper as we made him tough it out in a couple of trees and get wrapped around a telephone pole or two, but he's still in one piece without any major war wounds! Now that's what I call success!
We perfected the form of kite flying
We actually got it up pretty high
The cute little boy with his cute little kite...
Ah... the perfect way to start the beginning of Spring!