Mark it as the happiest day of my life so far. Why, you ask? Because I am ENGAGED. A feat that I thought I would not accomplish for a few more years into my life. But Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and decides to make our lives more exciting all of the time with his surprises. So... surprise! I'm getting married to the most wonderful man that I have ever met. People always say that there is more than one person out there in the world that you could marry and be happy with. I somewhat agree with them; however, I believe that there is that one person that you find at the right time and in the right place all due to the fact that Heavenly Father puts them there for you. T is going to be mine for eternity and I couldn't be more happy. The wedding = February 12th, 2010. Yep, that's less than 2 months away! Fortunately, we've already found an apartment and have starting buying things for our future home. It's really official and really happening! Ahh!

Merry Christmas everyone!



I feel like a slob. My room needs cleaning. I'm wearing my favorite red sweats and T's gray hoodie. I have a math final that I have barely studied for (*note-it's at 7 tomorrow morning. Yes, that is AM). I need a shower. I need food. I need sleep. I plain old need me time.

At least I remembered to brush my teeth this morning.


Style Schmyle

Sometimes I have those days where I wish wearing a paper bag over your head was in style...

Today is one of those days.
(Oh, and did I mention that it is C-O-L-D?! Because it is.)



1 play review done
1 drama notebook finished
1 group project finished
1 Messiah production gone to
1 test taken
1 presentation given
2 lesson plans written

A few tests to take, a pop-up book to make, one music paper, and one more lesson plan and I am home free!

Pretty successful weekend, wouldn't you say?


Joke's On Me

3 1/2 hour math test. Sounds like a joke, right? Well, it's not. Thought you should know.

Are you kidding me?!


A Glimpse Into the Life of a College Student

Some days I feel a lot like Calvin...

Calvin: "You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood."
Hobbes: "What mood is that?"
Calvin: "Last-minute panic."

I'm a big procrastinator. And when I say big, I mean BIG. You want to know how big is BIG?

Allow me to introduce you to my life for the next week.

3 tests to take
3 presentations to give
4 lesson plans to write
1 pop-up book to complete
1 play review to write
1 drama notebook to finish compiling
1 group project to finish
1 Messiah production to go to

This is my life as a college student. Insanity is prevalent and sleep is nonexistent. It's a great way to live, if you haven't had the chance to experience college life, then consider yourself deprived. Welcome to my life.

Welcome Insanity.


What's the Big Idea?

Pop-up book = Bad idea for end of semester project.

Too much to do. Not enough time.