24th Extravaganza

Is it just me or does this helmet shout, "Look at me! I have a giant blueberry for a head?!" Because looking at this picture makes me laugh, I really do look like my head exploded into a big sphere of blueberry-ness!
As always... Tyler had to pull off the whole helmet gig with no problems. He could have a brown paper bag on his head and still be attractive. Life is so unfair sometimes...

The first rattler I've ever seen out in the wild. The 4-wheeler and this guy had a close call.

The amazing view at my Uncle's property up in Monte Cristo

The 24th was wonderful! My ever amazing uncle invited us all up to his cabin this year for some good old fashioned fun in the great outdoors. Tyler, of course, came along as usual and we had a wonderful weekend bonding with the cousins and playing on all of the machines my uncle has. 4-Wheelers, Rhino's, .22 rifles, and a projector the size of a phone filled family fun time this year. Love the family. Love the boy. Love the outdoors.

Love life.


Neon Canyon

Here are the pictures of THE most amazing place! Best road trip EVER!

Horizontal Tree

The Group

Dropping into the canyon

Treading Water!

The first repel

Gorgeous sunlight

The 80 ft repel!

Me in all my glory

Soaking up some sun

The End
We all made it!


Fish Lake + Family + The Boy = Wonderful Vacation

The Lake was a blast. The family was amazing. The boy was undoubtedly handsome as ever. Put it all together and what do you get?! A very successful and wonderful vacation! And since I haven't blogged in almost a month... we'll do catch up via pictures!

Fish Lake was beautifully green and wonderfully rainy!

7-Mile picture taking...

Father's Day was while we were on vacation and my Dad loved everything we got him. Shout out to my incredibly amazing Dad and all he does for me and the fam! He's the plumber, mechanic, electrical personnel, and the all around "do-it-all" guy! I love him like every little girl loves her Daddy and he'll always hold that special place in my heart-I'll always be Daddy's Little Girl!

The girls who went on the trip (Including the dog and excluding the picture-taker. A.K.A. Me).

The handsome guy who just so happened to come along for the ride. :)

Out on the deck of Fish Lake Lodge. The view was breathtaking!

Enjoying the marina life with the handsome boy...

Hiking Calf Creek Falls-Sisters!

And this bad boy is what we just bought so we can play up at the cabin! Isn't he a beaut? Pretty much brand new and we had a blast this weekend playing on it!

Welp, there's the updates! Enjoy!