Adventure in SLC

One of my good friends invited me to go with his family to The Leonardo's "Body Worlds" last night so I jumped on the bandwagon and went with them. Everything was so interesting! It had everything from the process of plastination, to the indepth explanation of the circulatory, respiratory, and cardiovascular system. They define every muscle group with plasticized "specimens" (people who were actually once alive and have all the fat and water in the body replaced with liquid plastic in their veins to hold the structure) and they explain the differences between a healthy and a diseased organ. There were the different phases of a baby fetus through the first 8 weeks of it's life and stories and quotes behind all of the organs of the body. I'm still in awe about most of it. The most random thing they had at the exhibit was a camel sliced in 3 pieces so you could see everything inside. It was crazily insanely cool. If you haven't gone, GO. It was worth every penny! After Body Worlds (which took us about 2 hours or so to go through, just be forewarned, it's a long exhibit), we went out to eat at The Mayan. Everything was top notch yumminess, even the spicy salsa was worth eating! I was so full I'm pretty sure I rolled out to the car. Here's some pictures from the night (sorry, but no pictures were allowed inside the exhibit)...

It was a long car ride squished between the Young boys...

The only time he didn't have his beanie on...

Look! A tucan in the tree.

This kid drank 5 glasses of punch and Sprite... nutter.

All of the food was good quality if you minus the fries. They weren't crunchy like fries should be (they were more like rubber) so, as you can see, we found another purpose for them.


Allow Me to Introduce You to My Life These Days...

I've decided that the stipulations and questions they put on applications these days are ridiculous. The 'put your birthdate here' and 'put your last name here' or 'sign here, here, AND here, are completely annoying. Do these people not know that they just asked me my name at the beginning of the stupid thing in the first place? For the love. Seriously, shouldn't these things be short, simple, and to the point? They're going to be reading hundreds of them and they want me to repeat myself? Seriously people. Get a life and do something better than make up irritating questions that you don't care what the answer is anyways. There. I'm done ranting and raving now. All I have to say is if I don't get into my program after all of this, there could be a little girl who may get a little annoyed.


Overdue Christmas Tag

Heidie tagged me... so here goes... (I know, Christmas is over, but what the heck?)

1. Wrap presents or just put them under the tree? Definitely Wrap!
2. Colored light or white lights on the tree/house? For the tree, depends on the decorations. Colored on the house!
3. Do you hang mistletoe? Nope... but I think we should start. ;)
4. When do you put up decorations? Day after Thanksgiving.
5. What is your favorite Holiday dish? The whole pan of chocolately fudge
6. Favorite holiday memory as a child? Sleeping upstairs in the attic on Christmas Eve with my sisters.
7. When did you learn the truth about Santa? Not quite sure on that one...
8. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Our Christmas Pajama's from my Mom
9. How do you decorate the tree? We rotate the theme every year. This year's was the western theme.
10. Snow. Love it or dread it? Love it; until my nose gets too cold or it gets too heavy to shovel.
11. Can you ice skate? Yep! I'd like to try it going backwards one of these days...
12. Do you remember a favorite gift? I'm a big fan of the blankets my Mom made us this year.
13. What is the most important thing about the holidays for you? Remembering Christ, I'm afraid I didn't do too well this year.
14. What is your favorite holiday dessert? FUDGE!
15. Favorite holiday tradition? Going to Grandma's for Christmas Breakfast
16. What tops your tree? A random christmas light
17. Do you prefer giving or receiving? Giving
18. What is you favorite Christmas song? Too hard to pick. The one I DON'T like is the 12 days of Christmas or Feliz Navidad.
19. Candy Cane. Yum or yuck? Yum!
20. What do you want for Christmas? Well seeing that Christmas is over, for NEXT year... I like the small thoughtful gifts the most. The ones that mean something between me and the person giving it. I'm a sucker for picture frames and pictures...

Alrighty then, since I had to do this, I'll make my sisters do it too. I'm tagging Misty and Mel.


Strike One

...They're almost over. The scoreboard so far? Jamie-2 Testing Center-1. Yep, that's right. Bombed one test, passed two. Should be interesting to see how the next two go. GULP! And here I go, off to home plate again! Batter up!


Live Life And Love It!

Have you ever wondered how someone could even think of taking their own life? I've thought a lot about it this past week. A good friend of mine has tried taking her life in numerous ways that should be unfathomable to man. As I stayed up with her through the night last night, I had a lot of time to think. It truly blows my mind how a Child of God could even attempt to take their life and end a gift that we've been given to enjoy on this earth. I guess my message to you today is to LIVE life! Live it and love it. Whatever comes your way, hold your head high and move forward. That's all our Heavenly Father will ever ask you to do. Whatever slack we may have, he'll take up as long as we're doing our best. I have a saying I like to say when the going gets tough-"The church is true! So what else matters?!" That's what it all basically boils down to, isn't it? As long as we're doing our best and we know that the church is true, that's all that matters. Let's all be Christ's hands this Christmas Season and help each other out! Merry Christmas!


To Those Who Wear The Black Name Tag...

Here's a shout out to all the missionaries in the field. I think Wednesdays are pretty much my favorite day of the week. It's the day for missionary P-days now and that's when all the Mom's forward all of their missionary sons letters to all of their missionary sons friends (one of those friends being me). AND sometimes I get an email or two from the ones who are allowed to email friends. Seriously, Wednesdays rock because of the LDS missionaries serving in the field and telling me about their experiences. How could you not just love Wednesdays?! I also received two awesome letters in the mail yesterday from some missionaries who are very close friends. How grateful I am for all of their service and sacrifice! It's a testimony building experience to see your grade school pals growing up into 19 year-old missionary men who grow so much on their missions. So thanks to those of you who ever have, will, or are serving missions. You are truly my heroes.