I may or may not be overdoing it for one of my classes this semester. The final project is months away in December and I'm already in the beginning stages of it. Does this surprise anyone else besides me? I'm the biggest procrastinator out there and yet I'm starting a project 3 months in advance.

You wonder what the project is? A pop-up book. Which I have chosen to do by choice, not by force. I could do the average college student type children's book where you slap it together the night before, stick it in a 3-ring binder, and still get a do-able grade on it; but I'm sick of the norm. I'm sick of average. I want excitement. Something new. Something no one's done before. So here I go... sticking my neck out there, I'll tell you how it goes.



Have you figured out the picture above yet? If you haven't, it's supposed to spell out "Chris." We sent it to one of our good friends on his mission. Another reason this picture is up is because Greg, the guy with the red arrow pointing at him, just left on his mission to Texas. Good luck to Elder Greg Whatcott! Can you see why I'm going to miss this guy? No one else can quite pull off the letter 'S' like he can.
And Welcome Home to Elder Jared!

Playing Catch Up Again...

I haven't blogged in awhile... life got crazy again. School started. The boy moved back to Provo. Labor Day Weekend came. And homework piled up. Ah the life of a college student.

First things first-School is going to be insane this semester. I started my Elementary Ed. Program and I'll be in a classroom teaching PE in less than 3 weeks. Which freaks me out. I'm actually going to be teaching in 3 weeks? WHOA. I just need to take a chill pill and realize that I'm going to be just fine. Right?...

The boy did come back to Provo and life got even better again. Whoo hoo! Yes. I was excited. Don't judge. ;)

Labor Day is here and we went 4-Wheeling at the cabin and got to see some very good friends of my family's. It was absolutely wonderful to just relax after the first week of school. If only we could have a 3-day weekend EVERY week! I guess I can't be to picky though. I'll appreciate what I've got for now.

Homework has been insane already. Don't you hate it when every teacher thinks that their class is the most important and piles on the homework? I've written 3 small papers already and I've got a truckload of reading to do. We'll see if I have enough brain power to get through it. Shout out to all of you who finished college and survived it! This little girl can't wait to see if she does or not.

We've been trying to do some sweet awesome mini trips before Misty leaves for her mission and did a girls day and hiked Timp Cave a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty sweet! Had some great bonding time with the girls and got some good ol' exercise in. What more could you ask for? Oh! And if you haven't ever hiked Timp. Cave I'll throw in my two cents and say-GO! It's a pretty neat experience and I've loved it everytime we've gone.

(Gotta love cousins...)

(Gotta love that I'm taller...)

(Gotta love the adopted sisters...)

(The group of girls-minus the mother)

(In the cave!)

Happy Labor Day!