Rotten Luck

Today I forgot the 'L' in my BLT sandwich. So now I have a BT sandwich.

Somehow it's just not the same without the Lettuce perfectly situated in between the B and the T.


And the Vote Is...

Sometimes there are things in life that are just not fun.

-Going to the doctor is one of them.
-The last month and a half of an engagement is another one.
-And eating cauliflower is another.
-I'll add doing lesson plans, voicethreads for my tech class, and doing homework all night as another cumulative reason why life isn't fun.

But guess what is fun?!

-Playing with Mr. and Mrs. Potato head (don't judge...)
-Snuggling with T.
-Picking out what engagement pictures to use for the wedding.
-Getting excited to be married to T!

After doing my lists about what is and what is not fun, I've come to the consensus that...

Life is to be lived in moderation. Some of it is not supposed to be fun-it is for our own experience. So focus on the fun parts and endure the not so fun parts. They'll end in their own due time; might as well be optimistic about it!


B is for Box

I have to do a digital storybook for my tech class. I've chosen to do an ABC book about a box. Why a box you ask? Because T and I have these GIANT boxes in the apartment from when we moved T in this past weekend. There's gotta be a genius story idea that will use all of those boxes... maybe one about different professions and I'll get T to stuff himself into one of those giant boxes and pretend he's an astronaut? Or a racecar driver... maybe a chef... or even a robot?! Or maybe I'll do an ABC book about 26 different things you can do with a cardboard box. Can't be that hard to make up an ABC book, can it?

I just have to come up with it.

P.S. Moving was quite fun. Once we're officially moved in I'll post picts. of our new home. Less than 2 months and we'll both be moved in and married!

March 19th, 2010... here we come!


Apartment Signing

I know T already blogged about it, but I just can't help putting in my two cents also. It's official... T and I are the proud renters of the most perfect place to start a home! We got incredibly lucky to find a semi-large apartment (for the two of us at least) for an amazing deal! *sidenote- Props to my mom for finding the place for us. She's awesome. * Wanna know the best part about yesterday? It was seeing our names together for the first time on an official document. T and I couldn't stop smiling after we left that future home of ours. I get giddy just thinking about moving in. And yes. I used the word giddy. And I'm proud of it!

I'm really getting married. In less than 2 months.


Men Are That They Might Have Joy

I love this picture. Wanna know why? Because I think it shows the world that I really am marrying the best man on the face of this earth. One of the top qualities I've had on that ridiculous "What I Want in My Future Husband" list I made back when I was beehive was that I wanted him to make me laugh. Everyday. And guess what? T fills that requirement along with many many more on that list. He looks at me like I'm the most important thing in his entire life with that incredible look of love on his face. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've turned into one of those love-sick bloggers. Get used to it. It's going to be like this for the rest of my life. I think I'll even blog about it into the eternities. I'm sure the Celestial Kingdom will provide for some pretty exciting heavenly blogging times (how I'll go about doing that, I have no idea) full of love.

As I was talking to T last night, I realized something. I've changed. My entire life has changed over the past year that I have know T. I have been alive for 20 years and yet I have never ever been able to see such a change in my life.

I thought I knew what happiness was before I met T. I thought I knew who I was before I met him. I thought I knew what charity, love, and compassion were before I met him. Obviously not. I'm learning that what is important to T should be important to me. I've never had better communication with someone else in my entire life (which in itself is a giant feat for me). I enjoy listening to other people talk, but I feel like my thoughts aren't important sometimes. When I put my needs before someone else's, I feel selfish. I think that is inherent in most women. T has taught me that my thoughts, ideas, needs, are important and that he wants to hear them; just like I want to hear about every little detail he does everyday.

Everyday I ask myself, "What did I do to deserve such an incredible man?" Today I realized that everyday I should be asking myself,

What do I need to keep doing in order to deserve this incredible man?



For all of you who have never played baseball/softball, here's a little background for the blog post of the today (and let's be honest, a little ball lingo has never hurt anybody). A curveball is used to disrupt the opponent's timing. While it is a good pitch for doing so, it is also a dangerous pitch to throw. The increased topspin of the ball has the potential to gain tremendous backspin off of a batter's bat, giving it much added distance if well hit.

I have decided that life has thrown me a curveball. One that is definitely disrupting my timing at the moment. But wanna know a secret? Life doesn't realize that I'm ready and that backspin is going to hit my bat perfectly. Sorry life, but this is one girl who is going to hit your awful pitch out of the park. Do the math. That equals a HOME RUN. That's right life. In your face. There's nothing you can do to destroy my success. Oh, and I have quite a few coaches cheering me on from the sidelines. How can life even compete with that kind of resistance? How could I not succeed?!

Play ball!



L is for the way you Look at me
O is for the Only one I see
V is Very Very Extraordinary
E is Even more than anyone that you can adore
and love, was made for you and me...

Meet the love of my life. Stop drooling ladies. He's mine. I give you permission to look though, it would be hard not to. Enjoy the scenery.


Bubblebath Kind of Day

You know how there are just those days where a bubblebath is needed?
It's not a want.
It's a need.

Today was one of those days.


Hangnail Ponderings

T pointed something out to me the other day. When I walk hand-in-hand with him I love to push him sideways until our arms are stretched out between us and then I pull him back towards me so I can bump into his side. Weird? Yeah, I know. But it makes T smile. It makes me smile. I like random things. I hate the white skin on oranges and have to peel it off before I can eat it. Better yet, I hate my food to be touching (i.e. the potatoes shouldn't touch the string beans unless I give them permission). Being sticky is one of my pet peeves. It's the worst. I love surprises, but I hate waiting for them. But you know what one of my favorite things in this whole entire world is? T's hugs. Best. Medicine. In. The. World.


Waterfalls Are Supposed to be Soothing

Dear Piano Player in the lecture room across from the JKB mailroom,

I can tell you are talented. I can tell that you like to play songs with a high tempo. I can tell that you are an orange personality and you want to show off your talent to everyone that passes you in the hallway. I can tell you have a lot of energy due to the incredible force in which you are exerting to pound those poor white keys to death. Is it because it is the first of the year and you are just so happy to be alive? Are you excited to be entering yet another semester at BYU? Did you just find out your teacher is not requiring a final in their class? Is it something of a more serious nature? Are you de-stressing over your girlfriend dumping you? Do you just need to breathe and let off some steam? Even if it is none of these things or all of the above, all I ask, all that I plead with you to do is to stop playing Jon Schmidt's Waterfall song over and over and over again. Broaden your selection. You are the 1,000,000th person to play it on BYU campus trying to "wow" us all. Play a different song or else you will have 10 digits less than what you have right now. A girl needs her sanity.

You're taking over mine.


Patience Is A Virtue

5 Weeks. 4 Days. I wish it were half that. Maybe even a fourth of that.

I hate waiting. I am not a patient person. Heavenly Father knows that. I guess waiting 5 weeks and 4 days to be sealed for time and all eternity isn't even a blink of the eye in the eternal scheme of things. Good thing both T and I have work and 16-17 credit hours at BYU to keep ourselves busy. Not to mention the invitations to be sent out, showers to go to, reception to get ironed out, pictures to be taken, recommends to get, and all of that other mumbo jumbo. Yes. We are crazy to get married in the middle of the semester. Our lives are more exciting than yours though. You want to be us.

Admit it.


Monsters Under the Bed

My sister used to tell me horror stories about monsters under the bed. The dark purple ones with scary green eyes and 8 legs that would come out from the deep abyss under my bed and latch onto me while I was in a deep slumber. Sometimes a green one-eyed monster would come visit the purple one and they would have a grand old time scratching under my bed or making my mattress creak and groan. I would stay awake for hours not daring to move a muscle due to my absolute terror of being eaten alive by the monster under the bed. My Dad had to plug in a night-light and promise me that no monster in their right mind would come out from under the bed and eat me while that light was on. I didn't believe him until he looked me in the eye, shook on it, and promised me that that tiny little light was watching out for me, he was watching out for me and so was my Heavenly Father. That sealed the deal for me. After that, I was able to sleep soundly.

I've been thinking a lot about that little night-light lately. I've been having a hard time sleeping. So many thoughts crowd my mind; wedding plans, lists up the wazoo, school, work, spiritual things I need to work on, and the whole mumbo jumbo of everyday life to figure out. I decided I needed another night light. Not an actual physical one, but one I can always count on to get me through my scary and rough times. And you know what? Tonight I finally realized I've had that other night light all along. One that will always be constant, will always be lit, and will never go away. T is my constant light in this world. He always fixes my fears, drives my doubts away, and makes me the happiest person in the world. No matter how grouchy, pessimistic, or doubtful I get, he is always there to pick me up and get me moving again. I have not only found the love of my life, but I have found the one person that will remain my constant light through every trial, tribulation, and dark moment in this life.

T is not the only night-light in my life. I have a loving Heavenly Father who provides light at any moment I need it. I have felt an increase of His love the past few days. It is a love that is precious and very dear to my heart. I am grateful that in His wisdom and knowledge, He sent me the most perfect man for me to live on this earth and into the eternities with.

Bring on the monsters, I've got my night-lights.