The War is On

Think of the worst thing that has ever happened to you. Now multiply that by 10 and that is what happened to me today. Yup. You've got it. I went into the "stash" that my sister and I keep up in our rooms and guess what? ALL of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups were gone! Gone I tell you! There I was, craving the peanut butter chocolatey yumminess and there were none to eat. So you know what I went downstairs to have instead? A carrot. You heard me right, a carrot! Sometimes you just don't feel like healthy food, today was one of those days. Combine that with the fact that I'm getting over the flu and it just makes everything worse. Thank you Mr. (or Miss.) Peanut Butter Cup caper for eating all of the Reese's. Watch your back. Next time, you won't be so lucky.


Good Night Never Neverland

Shall I tell you a little bit about my day today?

I woke up. At 10:30a.m. And it was amazing. Then I went over to the Lloyds to watch Savvy while Thad and Julie took off on their separate ways to have fun. While they were gone, Savvy and I tore up the house and partied like there was no tomorrow. Just kidding... we really went on a walk, drank "pink" milk, and watched the Princess and the Pauper (not too bad for a Barbie movie and that is coming from a girl who tore of the heads of Barbies when she was little) and then a bit of Lilo and Stitch. Then it was back to the house for some hard core smackdown on a research paper before the Ward Chili Cook-Off. Pam was her amazing self and put together a great ward activity. The chili was incredible, not a lot of hot ones this year besides Bro. Young's (which is usually the case). Alex and I got sick of it after a while so we took off to the Creamery to get some ice cream. We decided to split a banana split. Please realize we'd just eaten bowl after bowl of chili and were stuffed to the max. Probably not the smartest thing we've ever done. After stuffing ourselves even more with Pralines and Caramel yumminess that was drenched in hot fudge and covered in coconut sprinkles (Alex's pick, not mine) and butterfinger flakes, we decided to actually be social and run by the Boshards house to see if anyone wanted the rest of our demolished "split." We ended up tossin' it. The guys were all over at the Boshards still and got a great idea to watch a movie-"Hook." It's an old school spoof of Peter Pan and the only one who has it in the ward is none other than yours truly. So we grabbed the movie from my house and Chris realized they didn't have a VHS player at his house. We proceeded to go to his Dad's work to find one. We didn't. So we ran up to the cabin, grabbed the VHS player there and then came BACK down the canyon, where the entire way I listened to them all sing Pokemon songs and Japanese gibberish. Sometimes I wonder if we hadn't all grown up together, would I have ended up being friends with them all? I honestly can't answer that question... So we watched Hook tonight. It was good. My favorite character-the curly haired boy who yells "Good night Never Neverland!" and then practically spews spit on his lamp to put it out. Priceless. Then I made it home, brushed my pearly whites and now it's off to bed for me.

Sweet dreams. Don't let the bed bugs bite. Good night Never Neverland!


Blast From the Past

I went through THE Black Box today. For those of you who do not know what that is, allow me to enlighten your mind. The Black Box is the box of all my little trinkets, letters, and what other "whathaveyou's" that I have deemed important over the years. I thought that tonight I would give you a glimpse as to what it contains inside:

My BYU vs. TCU ticket from Fall 2007; freshman year of college

One of those classy magnetic necklaces that you can make into a bracelet also. My cousin brought it back from China for me.

A glass dolphin statue that Chris brought me back from Cancun

A bunch of hoopla from past dates (pictures, dance cards, bracelets... you get the gist of it)

Gold medal from FCCLA Nationals in Tennessee

An old paper back copy of "Island of Blue Dolphins," by Scott O'Dell. My 5th grade math teacher passed away and we all got to pick a book out of his bookshelf. He had read this to us and it is what got me loving dolphins.

Polished rocks from Brazil from Jared

A poem my Dad once wrote to me

Missionary letters

John Wayne postcards and whatnot

Notes my Mom used to put in my lunches

A necklace from the Smurph

Letters from gal friends over the years

My Patriarchal Blessing

First plane ticket (Tennessee)

Favorite scriptures and quotes

A piece of cloth from my first attempt at making pajama pants.

My first CTR ring


A Glimpse in the Life of a College Student

This is what I've been doing all day and once I get done writing this lil' message, I will start it up once again. Any guesses to what "this" is? If you guessed Statistics 221 studying, then you're right! Ding Ding Ding! Who knows what the mean of a sampling distribution is? How 'bout the meaning of extrapolation? Or there's always my favorite, explain the Central Limit Theorom in detail and be able to use its definition in a fusion question. Those are only a small handful of questions I need to know for my test tomorrow. I'll stop there so your head doesn't have to hurt like mine now does. Insanity is prevalent and sleep is nonexistent. It's a great way to live, if you haven't had the chance to experience college life, then consider yourself deprived. Welcome to my life.

Welcome Insanity


Cabin Bliss

Mid-terms are officially over! Ah... sweet bliss. For a much needed break last weekend we (the family) had a mini weekend vacation at the Fairview cabin for Codi's birthday. We got there and the first thing we did was get inside from the pelting rain! We ex'd our plans for the drive-in movie theater and stayed in the cabin, eating good food and playing games all night. We fell asleep listening to the rain and piling on all of the blankets onto our beds. My thermals even made it out of my closet for the first time this year! Brr! The colors are at their climax among the trees right now. Reds, yellows, and oranges covered the moutainside and the raindrops on the leaves in the morning were a beautiful sight to wake up to! Then it was listening to the first session of general conference on the radio while we watched the rain trickle down the windows. BEE-U-TI-FUL!

We built this... Welcome to the Madsen CabinHappy Birthday Codi!


First Day of the Month

It's officially been one month (from yesterday) since I bought my last book. On the first day of every month I like to go into the bookstore and buy a book that I would actually like to read, NOT something my professors are convinced to thrust down my throat and inevitably make me hate forever. Today, I bought, "Speaker For the Dead" by Orson Scott Card. I've heard it's good, if you haven't read it. DO.
I don't get nearly enough time to read as much as I would like to. When I was younger, I was a little speed reader and I couldn't wait to get my hands on every book within reach. Unfortunately, college has slowed my progress on when and what I can read, so last year I started buying a book on the first day of every month, determined to read at least one book a month for my own entertainment. It's been working out quite nicely. My library is slowly getting built up-I've always wanted a room dedicated just for books. It would be upstairs in the house with a big bay window and a window seat taking up the entire outside wall facing the mountains. That would be surrounded by floor to ceiling bookshelves on all of the other walls with a rolling ladder to get the books down (let's be honest, being short has it's perks, you get cool ladders). A fireplace would be situated in an alcove in the corner of the room with enormous red armcharis to sink into. My small, waist high bookshelves and dinky window in my little attic room will have to suffice for now.
Old classics I'd love to have...

Sort of what I want... endless bookshelves (and a really cool ladder...)