Mark it as the happiest day of my life so far. Why, you ask? Because I am ENGAGED. A feat that I thought I would not accomplish for a few more years into my life. But Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and decides to make our lives more exciting all of the time with his surprises. So... surprise! I'm getting married to the most wonderful man that I have ever met. People always say that there is more than one person out there in the world that you could marry and be happy with. I somewhat agree with them; however, I believe that there is that one person that you find at the right time and in the right place all due to the fact that Heavenly Father puts them there for you. T is going to be mine for eternity and I couldn't be more happy. The wedding = February 12th, 2010. Yep, that's less than 2 months away! Fortunately, we've already found an apartment and have starting buying things for our future home. It's really official and really happening! Ahh!

Merry Christmas everyone!



I feel like a slob. My room needs cleaning. I'm wearing my favorite red sweats and T's gray hoodie. I have a math final that I have barely studied for (*note-it's at 7 tomorrow morning. Yes, that is AM). I need a shower. I need food. I need sleep. I plain old need me time.

At least I remembered to brush my teeth this morning.


Style Schmyle

Sometimes I have those days where I wish wearing a paper bag over your head was in style...

Today is one of those days.
(Oh, and did I mention that it is C-O-L-D?! Because it is.)



1 play review done
1 drama notebook finished
1 group project finished
1 Messiah production gone to
1 test taken
1 presentation given
2 lesson plans written

A few tests to take, a pop-up book to make, one music paper, and one more lesson plan and I am home free!

Pretty successful weekend, wouldn't you say?


Joke's On Me

3 1/2 hour math test. Sounds like a joke, right? Well, it's not. Thought you should know.

Are you kidding me?!


A Glimpse Into the Life of a College Student

Some days I feel a lot like Calvin...

Calvin: "You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood."
Hobbes: "What mood is that?"
Calvin: "Last-minute panic."

I'm a big procrastinator. And when I say big, I mean BIG. You want to know how big is BIG?

Allow me to introduce you to my life for the next week.

3 tests to take
3 presentations to give
4 lesson plans to write
1 pop-up book to complete
1 play review to write
1 drama notebook to finish compiling
1 group project to finish
1 Messiah production to go to

This is my life as a college student. Insanity is prevalent and sleep is nonexistent. It's a great way to live, if you haven't had the chance to experience college life, then consider yourself deprived. Welcome to my life.

Welcome Insanity.


What's the Big Idea?

Pop-up book = Bad idea for end of semester project.

Too much to do. Not enough time.



So T's Dad is amazing. Period. In fact, T's entire family is all around amazing. His parents and grandparents especially. Seriously, if you need 2 great examples (besides my parents of course) of how to live a Christ centered life and how to raise a family of 5 kids, T's parents are the ones to look to. T's Dad is this incredible man with a story for everything and advice coming out of his ears. I can honestly say that I have never been more happy to get hurt playing football than I was this Thanksgiving. Sitting on the sidelines with a stalwart and loving man that has gone through so much already has really made me look at life a little more differently lately. I learned quite a bit about this amazing man that has raised the amazing man that I am dating. All I can say is, Wow. I am so blessed to even be involved in their lives much less have the opportunity to get to know them. The Lord has always strengthened me by the examples that others have led and T's family is no exception. I love that T shares his grandparents with me, I love getting to know more stories and about their lives! Sorry if this post is scatterbrained, it's just what happens when I get an overload of blessings. So that's not necessarily a bad thing, right?

All you need to know? I am one very blessed little girl.


Day of Thanks

T and I spent the day before Thanksgiving with his family this year. They were even nice enough to celebrate Thanksgiving a day early so the both of us could be there! Yeah, I know, they're a pretty awesome family. I loved spending the day with all of them, T's family are some of the greatest people I have ever met in my entire life. They're all so full of life, vitality, and they all have this incredible vibrant energy around each one of them. I'm grateful that I have been able to interact with such amazing people this year.

The Turkey Bowl in T's home ward was Thanksgiving morning. Let's just say, T and I kicked trash on both of our teams (yes, there were 4 teams and no, we didn't get to play on the same team with each other). Unfortunately, like always, I ended up getting hurt. And it wasn't even tackle football! This time, it was my own fault. I twisted in the air and landed on my back trying to catch the football. Though to my credit, I did score a touchdown. I also scored an injured muscle in my lower back. Fortunately for me, T's Dad had some drugs that eased the pain for me.
(See above picture for what my face may have looked like when my body is in pain, pretty great, don't ya think?)

T and I left for Provo for my family's Thanksgiving dinner, T ate dinner, I didn't. For some reason, I was nauseous and ended up laying on the couch watching movies. After blacking out because of some minor pain, I went to bed early and slept later than I have all semester. Now don't get me wrong... this did not put a dent in my Thanksgiving! HA! Like I would let a little pain ruin my Thanksgiving. Nuh uh. I wouldn't have any of that. I was with the people that I love the most and I have so much to be grateful for. I can honestly say that it was the best Thanksgiving ever. I got my yams. I got my pie (with lots and lots of whipped cream). I had my boy. I spent it with 2 of the most amazing families on the face of this earth. I love them both. And I sure am grateful for both.

All in all, I'd have to say it was a pretty successful Thanksgiving, wouldn't you?


Creative Dance

Creative Dance is quite possibly, wait no, it IS the most ridiculous and pointless class I have ever taken in the history of all pointless classes!

I will never. EVER. Teach children subject matter through creative dance. Give me a break. Who actually has time to teach like that anyways?

Wanna know what's sad? I think I'm going to get the same grade in my Dance class that I am in my Math class. Honestly? That should pretty much explain how lame this class is.

Thought I would just vent for a little bit.


Dear Thanksgiving,

You're so wonderful.
You're so giving.
You're so yummy.
You're so glorious.
You're also taking forever to get here.
I guess you'll be worth it though.
Just make sure Rich doesn't eat all of the candied yams this year.
And if I could have seconds of Mike's pumpkin pie I wouldn't complain...

Yours with an empty stomach,


365 days

365 days. 52 weeks. 525948.7662 minutes. 31556926 seconds. Get the picture?

One year ago, at about this exact same time, I was dreading what would hopefully be the last blind date I would ever go on. On a side note, I love blind dates. I was just up for a break from them for a while when all of this happened. My older sister was going on a date with a guy we both knew and he wanted to set me up with one of his friends. I love the guy like he was my own brother and I knew my sister wouldn't go on the date unless I went too so... I said yes. I couldn't let them down, right?

The night we were supposed to go out, I spent about 10 minutes tops getting ready. A brush of mascara and a swipe of plain old Burt's Bee's was all that made it onto my face. My ensemble didn't make it better either. A semi nice t-shirt, an old jacket, and a pair of faded jeans created the final "masterpiece." Oh, and to make it even better? I left my hair hanging like a dead rat from my scalp. Seriously?! What was I thinking? Oh wait, that's right. I wasn't. How embarrassed I was when every girl's dream walked through my door- the absolute epitome of tall, dark, and handsome stood right in front of me. And please note that I was standing there looking like an exploded mess with nasty hair and bad taste in clothes! Disgusto. After I stood there with my mouth open and drooling, I introduced myself to my date of the night before he went on ahead and played the perfect gentleman and introduced himself to my parents.

Surprisingly enough, we hit it off the entire date. I forgot how absolutely gross I looked and started really having fun with the guy. We hit Red Robin, walked around the mall (where I found out he loves ties too. Click here to read about my tie obsession), played a rockin' game of pool, and headed to his house for dessert. He gave me the best hug of my life on my doorstep that night and said the one sentence that always gets said after a blind date, but never ends up happening-"Let's do it again sometime." I just smiled and told him he had my number. Although I hoped he would call, I didn't think he actually would. Little did I know that it would be the very next day too! We started officially dating 2 weeks after that night and the rest is history... one year later we're still dating up a storm and enjoying every minute of it!

T has put up with all of my crazy family members and I mean EVERY single one of them, immediate and extended. He thinks all of my imperfections are just 'quirks' that make me that much more cute. He'll have food fights and water fights with me. He'll wrestle with me (even though he wins everytime). He's my chess buddy. He likes spicy food. He's great with money. He's really a big romantic. He dances. He taught me how to dance. Actually, he taught me how to enjoy dancing. He thinks I'm beautiful even in my nasty sweats and a hoodie. He thinks it's funny when I lose my voice. He's sarcastic. He's funny. He does the best Kermit the Frog impression I've ever heard. He loves Bill Cosby. He loves Calvin and Hobbes. He loves bugs (the car version, not actual bugs that fly and whatnot). He loves cars. He loves Christmas. He loves Biscuits and Gravy. He enjoys running. He doesn't mind feet or toes. He likes to create and make things with his hands. He's competitive. He cooks. He makes me happy. He went on a mission-to Finland! He's a worthy Priesthood holder. He has a testimony of Christ and the Gospel. He's perfectly imperfect, which makes him my Mr. Perfect. And guess what ladies?

He loves me!

P.s. Shout out to Adrienne who was part of the matchmaking scheme to get us together- I owe you big time!


After Dinner Mint

After dinner mints that turn your tongue green?! AND they tasted wonderfully chocolatey and minty! Now that's worth blogging about.

You wish you were us. Admit it.


Keeping Faith While Falling

You know what? Life is a big pain in my patootie (what my aunt lovingly calls a persons 'bum' at times). T reminded me that life is supposed to be hard though. If it wasn't hard, then it wouldn't be very worthwhile, now would it? I'm on this earth to learn and grow. I promised to do that.

I like to think that Heavenly Father and I had a nice little talk those few moments before I was sent down to this world. Maybe we didn't even talk. Maybe He just held me close and told me that He loved me and that it wouldn't be very long until we saw each other again. Then I think of how I would have felt, standing in line for the time my spirit and body would unite for the first time. Would my new family love me? Would I grow up to be someone that would be great... or small? What would my career be? Who would I marry? Did he already leave the premortal life before me or is he somewhere in line behind me? Would I be a good person? What kinds of mistakes would I make? Did I already know the answers to these questions? I'm thinking I was probably scared. A lot. You're probably wondering why I'm even writing about this. Maybe it's because I'm scared. A lot. You know what's funny? It's about some of those exact same questions I might have asked right before I was born.

Figuring out who you're going to spend eternity with is not the easiest thing on earth. Going to school and going through what seems to be endless lesson plans, tests, and teachers that just don't get it is hard. Even little callings and meetings sometimes seem like they take up too much time. But you know what? I'm going to kick myself into gear. No one ever became anyone great unless they did something about it. My problem? I'm scared to death of falling. But hey, fear and faith cannot live together. And I'd rather live in faith rather than fear. So open the door, let me jump out, and life-be prepared, because J is coming skydiving and she just started falling!

I only hope that the chute opens when I get close to the ground.

P.S. Check out Bobbi and Mike Photography if you're up to looking at some amazing work by some amazing photographers!



I have talked to Misty almost everyday for the past 20 years of my life. Every. Single. Day. Do you understand how hard it is to go cold turkey and not talk to one of your best friends for over 2 months?! It's hard. WAY hard. So that's why today is such a happy day! Hermana Madsen called from the airport on her way to Guatemala! I got to talk to her for 15 whole minutes (and skip my music class). Do you have any idea how difficult it is to catch up 2 months worth in 15 minutes?! I think we got the important things talked about at least. It was great to hear her and I'm so grateful to have a sister who is serving the Lord and bringing our brothers and sisters in Guatemala the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her testimony is ever so strong, it's gotten so you can even feel it in her words across the phone. Misty is my hero and one of my best friends. But I usually just call her my sister. I only have 3 of them, which makes the word 'sister' among my favorite words.

You know what? 15 minutes just wasn't enough.


Beginning of a New Talent?

I. Am. Making. A. Bowl.

You heard me! I'm making a bowl. Out of wood. And no, I don't know what kind of wood it is. T is making something out of wood too. A pen. Then a pencil. Then maybe another pen. The bestest cousin ever is helping T out with one of his projects for his History of Creativity class. We're also going to make homemade paper so he can get an A on his project. I thought it was a genius idea. Yeah, I know, my family is awesome. I'll give you permission to think so too. AND as a plus... I got to smell like sawdust and wood chips. Which due to the nature of wood shavings and whatnot, it all ended up in my hair, my clothes, and every other crevice you may or may not possibly think of.

On a side note, I took the PRAXIS on Saturday and think I rocked it. We'll see when my scores come in about a month or so. Shout out to Elaine who helped me out!


Without a Doubt

I once thought I was in love in Elementary school. Tony Gervais once made paper airplanes with me during inside recess while it was raining. We threw the planes out the window and watched them tumble in the wind carrying their precious passengers which were in the form of worms. He then took the heat for me and said it was his fault when the teacher caught us. He got detention from recess for a week while I spent recess playing soccer with the other guys. I still feel guilty that I let him take the blame. He did make me fall in love with him that day though. Tony was my best friend, we were even married on the playground after he played knight in shining armor and sacrificed his recess time for me (which is a huge deal for a second grader). I loved him more than any other 2nd grader could have.

Looking back, I realize it was just puppy love. Even all of those boys through middle school and high school were just more extreme versions of puppy love. Today I realized I had never been in love during any of those times at all. I'm not sure I even really fully comprehend true love right now. All I know is, I didn't even have to fall in love with T. It just was. It just happened. It was automatic. Call it chemical. Call it gravity. Call it timing. Call it soulmates.

I will just call it perfection.

G. E. N. I. U. S.

Check this out! Pretty cool, eh? It's so cool that I'm blogging about it instead of studying for the PRAXIS which is tomorrow. Which reminds me... I really need to get off the computer and actually study for it. Pray that I actually pass it. I'd really like to not have to take it again. Happy Friday the 13th!


Dreams and Reality

You know that place in between dreams and reality? Those few seconds of getting your bearings straight when you wake up in the morning or from a midafternoon nap? The place where everything is perfect because you feel so good because you're not asleep, but you're not awake. Does that make any sense to anyone else except my head? Anyways... that's where I want to be right now. Instead, I'm stuck in reality where I'm up to my ears in lesson plans, projects, and math problems that I'm convinced are practical jokes because there is no way to get the answer that is in the back of the book. One more class that goes til 8 tonight and then I'm going to welcome that place in between dreams and reality. You heard me right, I'm taking a nap at 8 o' clock at night. I think I'll cuddle with T while he studies his Biology. And the game plan for when I wake up? A mug of hot cocoa... then study study study for the lame-o PRAXIS test. I'll be glad when that is over!

Until then... watch out reality, Jamie is here is kick. your. trash.

P.s. I have the best boyfriend ever. Hands down. T, I love you. ;)


Warm Fuzzies

"Men [and women] are that they might have joy." I love that scripture. I just read it today and it got me thinking throughout this entire Monday. I AM so that I can have JOY. Now there's some food for thought. So many people in the world today are so full of pessimism and the downright "I hate the world and everyone in it" type of attitude toward life. I feel so sad for those types of people.

Now I know we all have those down and out days, I mean, come on, I'm a real person too. But we're here on this earth to have joy! What a wonderful, glorious, beautiful thing that the Lord put us here on the earth so that we can be happy and joyful. Who doesn't like to be happy? I'm sure Heavenly Father loves being happy and I know that He is happy when we are.

I also read over Pres. Monson's last conference talk. Remember when he talked about the "warm fuzzies" jar? I remember listening to his talk and giggling over that clever idea. I think I want a "warm fuzzies" jar for when I teach. I'm pretty sure that having "Warm fuzzies" makes everyone joyful too. So... my challenge for myself this week? I wanna hand out some good ol' warm fuzzies to at least 3 people each day (not actual physical warm fuzzies, but compliments and good deeds). I'll let you know how it goes.

So what it all comes down to?

Be happy, it makes everyone else around you happy too!


Wonderings and Ponderings

I'm sitting here on my couch. At my house. Listening to my mom talk to one of her best friends from way back when. Her friend lives in Idaho now. They've been talking for 5 minutes, laughing the whole time as if they just saw each other yesterday. Now they've changed the subject to their children who they just sent off on missions and how they both felt. They're really, truly, interested in each others lives and still want to know about each others successes and failures. I'm sure that they'll stay on the phone with each other for the next half hour talking and catching up and giggling like high schoolers again.

It makes me wonder, Will I be like that in the future? Will I still keep in touch with my very best friends who have helped me become the person I am today?

I sure hope so. In fact, I need to go. There's that one friend I need to call and talk to.

Renewing a Forgotten Love

Blogging... I've missed you. Let's renew our love.
Love, Jamie

Plans for the rest of today...

-Finish Art Project/Start Art Criticism Poster
-Do math H.W
-Pull out all of my hair because I don't understand it.
-Eat lots chocolate cake and leftover Halloween candy to make up for math. :)
-Go to Stake Conference where Elder Ballard is speaking to us!
-Spend the rest of the evening with that "one" guy and the fam.

All in all, one perfect Saturday that has been a perfectly wonderful fall day if I do say so myself!

Life is good... nah, life grrreat! (Yes, life is so great, it gets three 'r's in its spelling today)



Guatemala.... here she comes! THE best missionary is finally off onto her mission and is going to conquer! Sister Madsen is off and away and is as prepared as a missionary can get. Yep, she's awesome. Period.



I may or may not be overdoing it for one of my classes this semester. The final project is months away in December and I'm already in the beginning stages of it. Does this surprise anyone else besides me? I'm the biggest procrastinator out there and yet I'm starting a project 3 months in advance.

You wonder what the project is? A pop-up book. Which I have chosen to do by choice, not by force. I could do the average college student type children's book where you slap it together the night before, stick it in a 3-ring binder, and still get a do-able grade on it; but I'm sick of the norm. I'm sick of average. I want excitement. Something new. Something no one's done before. So here I go... sticking my neck out there, I'll tell you how it goes.



Have you figured out the picture above yet? If you haven't, it's supposed to spell out "Chris." We sent it to one of our good friends on his mission. Another reason this picture is up is because Greg, the guy with the red arrow pointing at him, just left on his mission to Texas. Good luck to Elder Greg Whatcott! Can you see why I'm going to miss this guy? No one else can quite pull off the letter 'S' like he can.
And Welcome Home to Elder Jared!

Playing Catch Up Again...

I haven't blogged in awhile... life got crazy again. School started. The boy moved back to Provo. Labor Day Weekend came. And homework piled up. Ah the life of a college student.

First things first-School is going to be insane this semester. I started my Elementary Ed. Program and I'll be in a classroom teaching PE in less than 3 weeks. Which freaks me out. I'm actually going to be teaching in 3 weeks? WHOA. I just need to take a chill pill and realize that I'm going to be just fine. Right?...

The boy did come back to Provo and life got even better again. Whoo hoo! Yes. I was excited. Don't judge. ;)

Labor Day is here and we went 4-Wheeling at the cabin and got to see some very good friends of my family's. It was absolutely wonderful to just relax after the first week of school. If only we could have a 3-day weekend EVERY week! I guess I can't be to picky though. I'll appreciate what I've got for now.

Homework has been insane already. Don't you hate it when every teacher thinks that their class is the most important and piles on the homework? I've written 3 small papers already and I've got a truckload of reading to do. We'll see if I have enough brain power to get through it. Shout out to all of you who finished college and survived it! This little girl can't wait to see if she does or not.

We've been trying to do some sweet awesome mini trips before Misty leaves for her mission and did a girls day and hiked Timp Cave a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty sweet! Had some great bonding time with the girls and got some good ol' exercise in. What more could you ask for? Oh! And if you haven't ever hiked Timp. Cave I'll throw in my two cents and say-GO! It's a pretty neat experience and I've loved it everytime we've gone.

(Gotta love cousins...)

(Gotta love that I'm taller...)

(Gotta love the adopted sisters...)

(The group of girls-minus the mother)

(In the cave!)

Happy Labor Day!



I love climbing. I love the adrenaline rush and the feeling of success when you get to the top. It's moments of success, no matter how big or how small, that get me excited for life. The moments where your muscles are shaking from exertion, your sweat glands are secreting salty amounts of liquid, and that last yard seems impossible to climb but you gather every little bit of energy left in your body and grab ahold of the edge of the cliff and pull yourself over it. It's in moments like that that puts me in awe of the human body and what it is capable of. Moments like that make life great. The climb is hard, but the view at the top is entirely worth it.
So today, keep climbing. The view is waiting. Don't give up.



I'm so grateful to have THE best friends in the entire world! This post is a shout out to my dear friend Janae this time around. We got tickets to the George Strait concert and went with the fam and had a blast! I love good ol' George and his incredible voice. For those of you who have no idea who I'm talking about... look him up. Now. Trust me, it's worth it. Anyone who has a good head on their shoulders can appreciate a man in a nice pair of wranglers. He's the Harrison Ford/George Clooney of country music. He only gets better with age!

Gooooooood times!


24th Extravaganza

Is it just me or does this helmet shout, "Look at me! I have a giant blueberry for a head?!" Because looking at this picture makes me laugh, I really do look like my head exploded into a big sphere of blueberry-ness!
As always... Tyler had to pull off the whole helmet gig with no problems. He could have a brown paper bag on his head and still be attractive. Life is so unfair sometimes...

The first rattler I've ever seen out in the wild. The 4-wheeler and this guy had a close call.

The amazing view at my Uncle's property up in Monte Cristo

The 24th was wonderful! My ever amazing uncle invited us all up to his cabin this year for some good old fashioned fun in the great outdoors. Tyler, of course, came along as usual and we had a wonderful weekend bonding with the cousins and playing on all of the machines my uncle has. 4-Wheelers, Rhino's, .22 rifles, and a projector the size of a phone filled family fun time this year. Love the family. Love the boy. Love the outdoors.

Love life.


Neon Canyon

Here are the pictures of THE most amazing place! Best road trip EVER!

Horizontal Tree

The Group

Dropping into the canyon

Treading Water!

The first repel

Gorgeous sunlight

The 80 ft repel!

Me in all my glory

Soaking up some sun

The End
We all made it!


Fish Lake + Family + The Boy = Wonderful Vacation

The Lake was a blast. The family was amazing. The boy was undoubtedly handsome as ever. Put it all together and what do you get?! A very successful and wonderful vacation! And since I haven't blogged in almost a month... we'll do catch up via pictures!

Fish Lake was beautifully green and wonderfully rainy!

7-Mile picture taking...

Father's Day was while we were on vacation and my Dad loved everything we got him. Shout out to my incredibly amazing Dad and all he does for me and the fam! He's the plumber, mechanic, electrical personnel, and the all around "do-it-all" guy! I love him like every little girl loves her Daddy and he'll always hold that special place in my heart-I'll always be Daddy's Little Girl!

The girls who went on the trip (Including the dog and excluding the picture-taker. A.K.A. Me).

The handsome guy who just so happened to come along for the ride. :)

Out on the deck of Fish Lake Lodge. The view was breathtaking!

Enjoying the marina life with the handsome boy...

Hiking Calf Creek Falls-Sisters!

And this bad boy is what we just bought so we can play up at the cabin! Isn't he a beaut? Pretty much brand new and we had a blast this weekend playing on it!

Welp, there's the updates! Enjoy!


2 more days...

Until I am here.

Sleeping in this.

Eating this on my way there.

And seeing one special person...

Sigh. 2 days never seemed longer...



Did you know that from my house in Provo, Utah...

-Fairview, UT. is 43.5 miles away?
-Fruit Heights, UT. is 56.5 miles away?
-Fish Lake, UT. is 93.5 miles away?
-Quetzaltenango, Guatemala is 2130.4 miles away?
-Brazilia, Brazil is 5801.3 miles away?
-Taichung, Taiwan is 6791.4 miles away?

Just thought you might like to know.



... is in 2 days. 2 VERY long days. 2 incredibly drawn-out forever and a day long days. Just thought you'd like to know.

Oh, and shout out to my dear friend LAUREN! She got her mission call yesterday to... [click here to visit her blog to find out!]


List of 10 Things

1.  Twister may or may not be the best game ever invented.  Curses is right up there with it.  (I may have a bias due to the company that was present when the previous games were played).  :)

2.  I walked into the Fletcher Building today to deliver a package and the candy jars of all candy jars sat right in front of me just daring me to take one of the most delicious one of these.  Mmm Mmm Good!  I do believe it was a neapolitan one that I snatched.

3.  Sunday was a good day.  In fact, I think I need more days like Sunday.  Laid-back, non-stressful, and spent in good company.  Yep.  Definitely need more of those ones.

4.  In addition to Sunday, I wore a completely pink shirt that evening.  And you know what?  I didn't mind.  I can't seem to think if that is necessarily a step in the right direction or a step backwards into the realm of girly girls.  You decide.

5.  Something even better on Sunday?  I laid in a hammock and watched the sun set over Fruit Heights, Utah with a wonderful person.  One word.  Heaven.

6.  My tomato skin is finally peeling to reveal a more golden skin tone... although I'm forever doomed to live with freckled "angel kisses" for the rest of my life.

7.  6 hours of studying + Procrastinating until the last minute to take the test = 95%.  Not too shabby.

8.  I ate lunch outside.  And I took off my jacket.  Then my shoes.  And then... I talked with a good friend while soaking up some Vitamin D and eating deliciously orange carrots.

9. In just 2 weeks my ridiculous ESL classes will be over for the year.  Finished!  Finito!  Done!  I don't have the words to describe how happy I am right now.  Because I am very happy.  Very.

10.  I went tie shopping with a pre-missionary friend.  And it was wonderful.  Tie shopping is one of my most favorite past times.  In fact, if I were a boy, I would have a closet just for my ties.  Yes, my name is Jamie.  I am a tie addict.



Dear Myron,

It's springtime now. I haven't visited you for a while. Does that make you sad? I'll bring flowers next time, maybe daisies? Or maybe some lilac flowers before summer comes and wilts their beauty? Your headstone could probably use some spring cleaning right now, it looked a little weathered the last time I dropped by. I wonder where your family has been, they never visit. Don't worry though, a little weathering never hurt anyone. It adds character. I'll be there soon to make you looking shipshape!

Your birthday is coming up. You'll be 59 this year! I'd throw you a party, but truth is, I'm sure the parties where you're at now are beyond what I could ever manage down here. But hey, I'll bring a few party favors and maybe even some of the usual strawberry lemonade (it's much too hot for cocoa).

I've missed our talks. You're such a good listener. Always listening, never talking. In fact, I don't know a lot about you. If you had lived, I picture you as a high school heart throb with curly black hair and a the biggest whitest straightest teeth known to man. And blue eyes. Deep blue eyes. You're old enough to have grandchildren now. I'm sure they would adore the distinguishing salt and pepper hair that age would have brought to you. You'd be the perfect grandfather-a lot like mine. Hugs. Kisses. And don't forget teasing. You'd be the sweetest, biggest tease.

Life has been good lately. Busy though. There's someone I'd like you to meet sometime. He's pretty special and I hope you like him. I'm sure you will. He'll update you on all of the newest car models, latest sports stats, and all of the new movies worth seeing. Maybe you can have some manly bonding time instead of having to talk about a little girls problems.

I'll come soon. It's finally warm and light enough in the evenings so I can run over and see you sometime. See you soon.


This post is dedicated to Myron Dale Black. I thought I would introduce him to you. I met him one day when I was out running by the Provo cemetary and decided to stop and look at some of the gravestones. Look at the date when Myron was born. I'm sure he had to have been very special to only live on this earth for 2 brief days. So if you ever need someone to talk to... Myron is usually always available to talk with. No appointment needed.



Miss (miss)
1.To be without.
2. To discover the absence or loss of.
3. To feel the lack or loss of.
I miss certain people
I miss easy trapeezy homework
I miss being outside
I miss having time to read books I want to read
I miss wearing beanies
I miss painting
I miss basketball season
I miss cleanflicks
I miss straight A report cards
I miss 8 hours of sleep
I miss sleeping in
I miss spring breaks
I miss my old running shoes
I miss THE missionaries
I miss tackle football
I miss Fairview
I miss the Drive-In Movies
I miss old Saturday morning cartoons
I miss you


Let's Go Fly A Kite

3 words. Wind. Kite. Spiderman. Put them together and what do you get? The perfect weather to fly a Spiderman kite! That's right, we made Spiderman fly for all he was worth and then some. Spiderman was a trooper as we made him tough it out in a couple of trees and get wrapped around a telephone pole or two, but he's still in one piece without any major war wounds! Now that's what I call success!
We perfected the form of kite flying
We actually got it up pretty high
The cute little boy with his cute little kite...
Ah... the perfect way to start the beginning of Spring!


It Was Fun While It Lasted

Still dressed in cozy sweats and the good ol' baggie boyfriend hoodie, I arrived to work at the usual early hour of 7 o' clock. Sorting the daily occurance of letters, flats, and packages has gotten to be a ritual I can do half in my sleep (Which is good, because that is definitely what I was today). After accomplishing a days work at BYU Mail, instead of going home at the designated time, I had the wonderful opportunity to begin spring semester at BYU after less than just a week of the winter semester finishing. Going directly from work to my 1:00 Doctrine and Covenants class, then the 4:00 ESL Foundations class, and THEN ending with the 7:00 ESL Acquisitions class completed my day at the late hour of 9:30 pm. Yep. Count the hours. That would be a grand total of 14 1/2 hours spent on BYU campus today. That is how my Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next 5 weeks will be.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?


Kate's Day of Birth!

Happy Belated Birthday Katie!

Pink ballet shoes, flashy costumes, and a gorgeous grin is what has encompassed much of her life. She might be clumsy while trying to pour a glass of milk or trip going down the stairs, but she never ceases to amaze me with her graceful fluid movements on the stage while she dances across the floor. Her long elegant fingers were made to glide across the piano and pluck the strings of a violin. Not only does she excel in peforming arts, but her mind is a factory for creative ideas and a warehouse of math equations, stories, and memories of the past. I love her distinct laugh. Most importantly, she is one of the most kind, patient, thoughtful and sweet people I have ever had the honor of being friends with.
Happy Late 20th Kate!