365 days

365 days. 52 weeks. 525948.7662 minutes. 31556926 seconds. Get the picture?

One year ago, at about this exact same time, I was dreading what would hopefully be the last blind date I would ever go on. On a side note, I love blind dates. I was just up for a break from them for a while when all of this happened. My older sister was going on a date with a guy we both knew and he wanted to set me up with one of his friends. I love the guy like he was my own brother and I knew my sister wouldn't go on the date unless I went too so... I said yes. I couldn't let them down, right?

The night we were supposed to go out, I spent about 10 minutes tops getting ready. A brush of mascara and a swipe of plain old Burt's Bee's was all that made it onto my face. My ensemble didn't make it better either. A semi nice t-shirt, an old jacket, and a pair of faded jeans created the final "masterpiece." Oh, and to make it even better? I left my hair hanging like a dead rat from my scalp. Seriously?! What was I thinking? Oh wait, that's right. I wasn't. How embarrassed I was when every girl's dream walked through my door- the absolute epitome of tall, dark, and handsome stood right in front of me. And please note that I was standing there looking like an exploded mess with nasty hair and bad taste in clothes! Disgusto. After I stood there with my mouth open and drooling, I introduced myself to my date of the night before he went on ahead and played the perfect gentleman and introduced himself to my parents.

Surprisingly enough, we hit it off the entire date. I forgot how absolutely gross I looked and started really having fun with the guy. We hit Red Robin, walked around the mall (where I found out he loves ties too. Click here to read about my tie obsession), played a rockin' game of pool, and headed to his house for dessert. He gave me the best hug of my life on my doorstep that night and said the one sentence that always gets said after a blind date, but never ends up happening-"Let's do it again sometime." I just smiled and told him he had my number. Although I hoped he would call, I didn't think he actually would. Little did I know that it would be the very next day too! We started officially dating 2 weeks after that night and the rest is history... one year later we're still dating up a storm and enjoying every minute of it!

T has put up with all of my crazy family members and I mean EVERY single one of them, immediate and extended. He thinks all of my imperfections are just 'quirks' that make me that much more cute. He'll have food fights and water fights with me. He'll wrestle with me (even though he wins everytime). He's my chess buddy. He likes spicy food. He's great with money. He's really a big romantic. He dances. He taught me how to dance. Actually, he taught me how to enjoy dancing. He thinks I'm beautiful even in my nasty sweats and a hoodie. He thinks it's funny when I lose my voice. He's sarcastic. He's funny. He does the best Kermit the Frog impression I've ever heard. He loves Bill Cosby. He loves Calvin and Hobbes. He loves bugs (the car version, not actual bugs that fly and whatnot). He loves cars. He loves Christmas. He loves Biscuits and Gravy. He enjoys running. He doesn't mind feet or toes. He likes to create and make things with his hands. He's competitive. He cooks. He makes me happy. He went on a mission-to Finland! He's a worthy Priesthood holder. He has a testimony of Christ and the Gospel. He's perfectly imperfect, which makes him my Mr. Perfect. And guess what ladies?

He loves me!

P.s. Shout out to Adrienne who was part of the matchmaking scheme to get us together- I owe you big time!


Leash said...


this entry was so cute i can't even stand it.

the end.


Steven & Adrienne said...

I love it!! I am glad you are so happy, he is an amazing guy who got an amazing girl! And no problem helping you out...it was all last minute inspiration. :) And for my payback we need to all go out for ice cream again soon...or you can just stop by and say hi to Steve and I...we miss seeing you. :)

Ty said...

Jay I love reading this over and over. I think it just stokes my ego a little :D I love you!!!