Precious... My Precious

So I'm not as possessive as a certain Lord of the Rings character, but it is beautiful...

Today I looked down at my finger. My left hand ring finger to be exact. Guess what was on it? A ring! A beautiful sparkling ring. And then it hit me. I'm getting married. It's the big "M" word that I was fine with everyone else saying until I started saying it. It didn't come according to my perfect plan. The one that said I shouldn't have found Tyler until I was 24, graduated, and off of my mission. The one that Tyler interrupted the moment he entered my life. I'm sure Heavenly Father got a good laugh interrupting my life.

I should really be used to introducing Tyler as my fiance by now-but I'm not. I should be used to handing out invites and looking dowan and seeing that my last name is about to change. For heaven's sake, I should be used to a big shiny rock on my finger! But I'm not. When I said, "Yes" (it actually went more like... "What? You're asking now? I mean Yes! Yeah! Of course!") to the love of my life, I decided to never be single again. I promised him my life. I promised him eternity.

That's a lot of promises. A lot of responsibility. But you know what? The biggest decision of my life turned out to be one of the most easy ones of my life. "Yes," came naturally.

I found him, fell in love with him, and now I'm marrying him. Sometimes I think that I'm dreaming and that I'll wake up and it won't be true. But guess what?

The ring says it all. It's proof. The circle means eternity. I'm getting married. 18 days.


Steven & Adrienne said...

You are so cute!!! Remember it is all ok and you will be fine! :) I am glad you are so happy.

Elaine Shandra said...

I'm so excited for you! Your invitation came in the mall just the other day!